Friday, July 14, 2006

The Chamber of Nightmares

General view of the main ritual room, or La Chambre des Cauchemars (Chamber of Nightmares) as Crowley called it. The room had been completely decorated with huge murals painted by Crowley and Jane Wolfe -- unfortunately today just small parts of the frescoes are still visible. The walls were painted over later on by the subsequent tenants of the house. In 1955 filmmaker Kenneth Anger went to the Abbey and uncovered some of the works, which still lay beneath the whitewash. Click to enlarge. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

What the hell were they thinking? They PAINTED OVER the murals of Aleister Crowley? For the love of the Goddess; I'll bet they'd have erased the Declaration of Independence to write a grocery list.

Porta Lucis said...

Aż żal patrzeć jak Opactwo niszczeje... Oby ktoś je w końcu kupił i odrestaurował te piękne malowidła.